1 pip fix forex review forum

Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. In NO WAY has it performed as marketed on their website. CLEARLY there’s some difference between 1 pip fix forex review forum it works at installation and how forexrobot is using it, presuming that that the trades they’re posting are real ones.

NUMEROUS emails have been sent to support asking for help in configuration changes to match what they’re using for their website trades. To day, all I’ve gotten back is what appears to be pro-forma boilerplate responses, even telling me that I need to BUY MORE ROBOTS. I’ve given them an ultimatum timeline to response with correcting information or the credit card charges will be revoked. Over trading was also my fault a wee bit :p I calmed down and they fixed me up and I can report gains from 5 charts on oanda live cloud PC. I’ve run all 5 robots for 2 weeks on pairs with low spreads and I’m having mixed results, but some noticeable profit. Based on a recent post here on FPA about using Odin to scalp, I’m running that EA with 14 pairs with the lowest spreads on a 5M with 5SL and 5TP. I’ve actually had mostly all little winners the past couple days when I started this strategy.

Does anyone have any custom sets they are willing to share? Any tips or would you just like to connect and talk FRT? Let me know – PM me! Been utilizing the free robot for some time now and just moved up to the premium Ganon ea in June. 850 NET gain after losses which I expected TBH from a .

Worked with my US broker forex. License – I have 3 live accounts but each purchase allows for only ONE! Site – I never get the license email messages to change my accounts. Before my purchase I talked with a rep over 4-5 days with questions and got help with the free robot. 4 i have to do in EA o . 5 minute with a 5 pip tp and sl. Of course, it is not profitable consistently as shown on website.