Alm back testing forex

Banking applications are one of the most complex applications in today’s software development and testing alm back testing forex. What makes Banking application so complex? What approach should be followed to test the complex workflows involved in banking applications? In this article, we will be highlighting different stages and techniques involved in testing Banking applications.

The above listed ten points are the most important characteristics of a Banking application. Banking applications have multiple tiers involved in performing an operation. Transaction Processor which could be a large capacity Mainframe or any other Legacy system to carry out Trillions of transactions per second. Typical stages involved in testing Banking Applications are shown in below workflow. We will be discussing each stage individually. Requirement gathering phase involves documentation of requirements either as Functional Specifications or as Use Cases.

Requirements are gathered as per customer needs and documented by Banking Experts or Business Analyst. Experts are involved in writing requirements on more than one subject as banking itself has multiple subdomains and one full fledge banking application will be the integration of all these domains. A banking application may have separate modules for Transfers, Credit Cards, Reports, Loan Accounts, Bill Payments, Trading Etc. The deliverable of Requirement Gathering is reviewed by all the stakeholders such as QA Engineers, Development leads and Peer Business Analysts. They cross-check that neither existing business workflows nor new workflows are violated. All the requirements are verified and validated.

Follow up actions and requirement document revisions are done based on the same. Business Scenarios are derived in such a way that all Business Requirements are covered. Business Scenarios are high-level scenarios without any detailed steps. Further, these Business Scenarios are reviewed by Business Analysts to ensure all of the Business Requirements are met. Fixed deposit on the digital banking interface can be a business scenario. Similarly, we can have different business scenarios related to net banking account creation, online deposits, online transfers, etc.