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Please enter a different search text and try again. Apa itu saham forex: Why outsource govt service to Umno-linked company?

Trade this stock for as low as 0. Source : Malacca Securities, Price Call : HOLD, Price Target : 0. Source : HLG, Price Call : SELL, Price Target : 0. Recent maintenance contract wins positive for Protasco? Says “PM-Najib Razak selfie buddy” Dato Sri Chong Ket Pen? Protasco LAGI tumpu segmen penyelenggaraan lebuh raya? It operates in six business segments.

The Maintenance segment is involved in the maintenance of federal and state roads. Sacrifies investors money and betray Tun to burn publicity money for BN in election. Itu foto Pak jib dengan Chong Ket Pen ke? Jual diri kepada Pak Jib sekarang sudah dalam list tangkap.

Tukang bohong Chong Ket Pen ingat boleh lari diri. PPA1M rugi punya projek pun kerja. Cuba tunjuk sokongan diri dan ikat kaki sama Pak Jib? Ingat ambil foto sama Pak Jib sudah pandai ke? Tangkap Chong Ket Pen dan anal-anak dia segera. Saham protasco 10 sen padan muka. Why so many photo of chong ket pen supporting najib?

Is it true protasco chong ket pen traitor to tun daim and sold his soul to Ex PM Najib? Why show off so many PPA1M news support Najib? Not only PPA1M crap but also using ali hamza to mislead polis chief to take photo for PPA1M. When is chong send to jail? Mampus chong ket pen ini bankcrupt protasco macam bankcrupt UMNO. Different from Stanley Tai who openly supported Tun M and cannot get away from Najib cronies but to show good to najib. Najib by desperately help Najib to do the PPA1M politic publicity project.

He can sell his bosses not once, but twice and sell his same low-life soul again the third time? Whoever trust him will be brainless. Better guling protasco pay all shareholders money and send these rakyat traitors to jail. Najib mistress Chong ket pen sure cry to Tun Mahathir and gets away. Protasco traitor to Tun mah, so traitor to Najib is “normal”. Kill people also can escape as long selling soul.

Hng: How is ur previous holding? You all don’t cheat newbie lah. Will be traitor to Najib, just watch. Pro-Najib more down side when market wakes up. Right now maybe share price 0.