Axis direct mobile trading forex

Both the axis direct mobile trading forex are Full Service brokers. The comparison is based on more than 50 attributes for clear decision making.

Currency Trading in India are performed majorly in NSE and BSE. The Commodities are traded in Commodity Exchanges. ICICI Direct, pioneering online trading platform of ICICI Securities, charges more than its competitors,but delivers with a fantastic platform and innovative offering and strong customer service. With these attributes, the company earns its No. Equity intraday and future and .

This is a fixed brokerage plan irrespective of turnover volume best suited for casual traders. The minimum brokerage charged by the broker for a transaction. This is an important factor when considering trading in penny stocks. Minimum brokerage charged by broker could be different for each segment. The charges compared here are for Cash Segment. Brokerage Calculator for ICICI Securities Pvt Ltd. SPAN Margin Calculator for ICICI Securities Pvt Ltd.