Bill eykyn price action forex

I have read the usual suspects on various aspects of trading but one thing I am lacking is a book that focuses on price action in detail. A quick search on Amazon gives such titles as “Reading Bar Charts Bar by Bar” and “Bill eykyn price action forex Action Trading”. As you mentioned Al brooks’ book would be my recommendation.

It’s a tough read and poorly edited but there is some solid information. The analysis he mentions is on the ES 5-min but applicable to other markets. Check out: Brooks Price Action – IntegraMOD Default and then go to Articles. Pattern trading I recommend Suri duddella – trade chart patterns like the pros.

Thanks for the recommendation and the link. Almost all of the Amazon reviews agree that it is a tough read and badly written and that does tend to put me off. Link in my signature about paying for courses, click onto that and there’s lots of links to examples of price action etc. Should help, possibly more than buying a book.