Catrin thomas tsd forex

TD Sequential catrin thomas tsd forex use the CCI formula to calculate the price bars ? I got this one from FF. Where can i find TD Combo?

I have this custom indicator i found somewhere. It is a Tom Demark sequential indicator. I’ve done some visual backtesting and it seems to be fairly accurate in spotting trend reversals. To see where i can make improvements and to some backtesting I’ve tried to make this into an EA. Unfortuntely i have failed so far.

Since im no coder i used the expert advisor builder i have found somewhere on the web. First off i tried to copy the code from the indicator to the ea, and after a lot of tweaking i could compile the EA but no trade is made when trying it. SELL alerts to be recognized by the EA. Could somebody please give me a hand here? Maybe suggest on how i could use the icustom function in the EA?

I just want to mention that TD Seq and TD COMBO are almost the same . TD COMBO adds some more requirements to the TD SEQ existing rules and process. Therefore, TD-COMBO is more accurate and you get less signals with TD-COMBO. Would someone be so kind as to add the following to TD Sequential_v1. The 13 bar ‘Countdown’ with a small ’13’ for a setup and large ’13’ for a prefection setup. Big hugs, peace and harmony pour toi! Did you get what you described?