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2-dimensionalt billede, der virker 3-dimensionalt, optages vha. Published by: The Australian Society for Operations Research Inc. In this issue, J Kamruzzaman and R Sarker have contributed a technical paper on Comparing ANN Based Models with ARIMA for Prediction of Forex Rates, and we are delighted chain wear tool indicator forex be publishing it here as a referred paper for Bulletin readers. Conference 2003 held at the University of South Australia, Adelaide in February this year.

The 17th National Conference of Australian Society for Operations Research will be held in Sydney, as part of the 5th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, in Sydney, during 7-11 July 2003. The details of the conference can be found in the forthcoming conference section in page 13 of this Bulletin. I am pleased to inform you that the electronic version of ASOR Bulletin is now available at this web site. Although the electronic version is prepared as an HTML file, for technical reasons articles may be in PDF or PS format.

The use of computational intelligence based techniques for forecasting has been proved extremely successful in recent times. The 2003 MISG, held in the first week of February at the City East Campus of the University of South Australia, brought together about 100 professional industrial mathematicians and industry researchers for 5 days of intense collaboration. The effects of deadlock avoidance on rail network capacity and performance for the Rail CRC. MISG 2003 was a resounding success with good progress made on each of the problems.

Although it is still too early to say much about the solutions that were developed or proposed we will include a brief description of the problems and try to indicate what was achieved. Diesel electric submarines utilise a large flooded lead acid battery as a secondary energy storage medium. The battery is the only source of power for the submarine while it is submerged. The batteries are regularly charged from diesel electric generator sets that provide power for the submarine as well as for charging the batteries. A critical issue in the operation of any organisation is the training of individuals and the subsequent training of groups that must work together to achieve large and complex goals. One of the critical issues is the hierarchical structure of the tasks, which are often divided into many subtasks.