Dan valcu forex

With the appearance of candlestick chart in the U. Candlesticks became a popular trading instrument, and traders dan valcu forex working with them in order to ease the reading of the charts.

But the interpretation of candlesticks differ from one another. One of these methods, which changes the traditional candlestick chart, and facilitates its perception, is called the Heikin Ashi technology. It turned out to be a Heikin-Ashi diagram, or to be more precise, some altered candlesticks. This method of analysis was developed by a Japanese trader who became very successful and uses this method to this day. To the surprise of the author, he found no other related information in books or the Internet, so he decided to make it available to all traders by publishing it in a journal. This is not a “Holy Grail” of trading, but it is definitely a good and easy-to-use instrument for visualizing trends. The values of “Open,” “High,” “Low” and “Close” are referring to the current bar.