Do forex expert advisors work

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Explain the expert advisor that you want to build using my conversation starters. Just talk to me like you’re teaching a trading buddy your exciting, new strategy. You can find me on Skype. When should you enter the market with a buy and sell trade? What forex money management options do you want to use?

It’s our job to take your idea and turn it into an Expert Advisor. Don’t feel like you have to write your strategy in computer speak or pseudo code if you’re not comfortable doing so. Instead, pretend like you’re emailing a trading buddy. That email will help me understand what you hope to accomplish. If your strategy isn’t clear, that’s ok. I speak English and I’m not shy about asking questions. Neither are any of my programmers.

It’s one of the benefits of working with an American company that has a real phone number and responds within one business day. It explains some of the more common issues encountered when communicating a strategy. The customer tries to explain the concept for the expert advisor. A maximum of 5 business days. The customer tries to explain problems that he has never explained before. We fix them and send a new version.

All of our projects are pay for time. Chances are that you’ve never ordered or built custom software in the past. All support happens over phone and email. I generally communicate with you in the way same way that you initiate communication with me. If you’re a phone person, then I generally pick up the phone and call you when you have a question. If you’re an email person, I’ll communicate over email. Building software is an oddly personal process because of the amount of communication required.