Forex factory market directional strategy

Very laggy and backward looking system! JP – hopefully this clown is gone by summer of 2019 and it ends for Trump and family like it did for the Romanian dictator years ago! And for Jay’s AT, you criticized my trading for miniscule drop to 11396 forex factory market directional strategy my warning only to see 1.

1546 now printed less than 24 hours. I know this will trigger your hypersensitive nature but I dont care I will say that constant bombardment of AT ads is tiring. Clearly there is better system to make serious money than AT can. In April, the Monitoring List listed China, Japan, Korea, Germany, Switzerland, and India. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format. You need to borrow just to pay the interest on your debt .

Trump looking for a scapegoat . PAR how would a Trump win over powell look ? US stocks and bonds higher , dollar lower as Trump wants FED to stop raising us interest rates . I guess eventually Trump will win . But bottom line is that the policy is still on unsustainable path. When will it hit the proverbial wall: when the debt will equal GDP ? Trump wants usd become toilet paper, so be it.

My aversion to verbs is past tense is legend. Could not say better why than Coreen T. A lagging indicator is something that tells you what is going to happen after it already happened. If it comes across that way it is not my intention. I am not sensitive about anything to do with trading – very thick skin – especially AT, which speaks for itself.

The beauty of AT is I never have to defend it. I am just pointing out the difference between John’s macro bias and a day trading bias. So rather than defensive it was offensive. Btw i have been talking about GV bias not your AT.

So it is strange to me that you sounded so defensive. Jay, why you are always so sensitive about AT? FS, This is not a contest and depends on your time frame . 1438 and it fell to 1.

Intra-day bias changes often, AT, for example, showed a shift to the upside starting at 1. Told you GV bias is lagging. JP, you know how I feel about the 50 level. In EURUSD, up AT episode rewards BOD.

1380-00 is an AT support zone. JP, AT gave you a tighter res level at 1. Qtn is: what would push the USD higher past its 96. 1400 and then bought gbpusd for the other leg. Actionable trading levels delivered to YOUR charts in real-time.

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