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Art exhibitions are these days no longer confined to museums and art galleries, with shows of paintings and sculptures now being increasingly often organized in modern residential, office and retail buildings, as well as in the public areas around them. There are 190,000 weddings held each year in Poland. At PLN 25,000- PLN 100,000 a pop, that rounds up to a hefty sum for the wedding industry. Employee shortage is making companies re-evaluate their HR policies. On the one hand, the Millennial generation is already the most numerous group in the workforce and companies have no choice than to cater to their needs.

Transport and logistics are facing a number of challenges: from the increasing pressure on cost optimization, labor market imbalance, legal uncertainties, through to the technological arms race and environmental awareness. All industries have to stay on their toes to keep up with the changing environment, but the transportation industry seems to be in a particularly difficult spot. MAY 25, 2018 will forever be the day that people got the most spam, ever. Before the crisis Giovanni Arrighi argued in Adam Smith in Beijing that the dominance of the US is unravelling and that China has begun to replace it as the driving force of commercial and economic expansion in Asia and beyond. 2 That China will overtake the US to become the world’s largest economy is a foregone conclusion in some quarters and speculating about the date has become the favourite pastime of some economists.