Forex gemini code

Company seems to be out of business. Let other traders know if this service forex gemini code worth checking or should be avoided.

I purchased the Forex Gemini Code program in May of 2015. This is actually my first post on FPA, although I have followed it for over a year now. I am not a shill for Vladimir Ribakov or anyone associated with his trading organization. Nor is it a “signal service”. It is a trading course that utilizes his indicators and strategy. So far I am very impressed.

Although a little pricey, I have seen more expensive courses out there that deliver far less. I had a beginners knowledge of trading when I purchased the course and it is ideal for those desiring to learn the basics and later the more intricate aspects of trading. Don’t buy it if you are looking for a “fast track to riches”. You will have to study the materials, watch the videos and practice, practice, practice.

I joined the ‘service’ on the go live date. They are a twin set of two candles, rated on the type of formation, and then how strong they actually are. The higher the numbers, the better the signals, and this also shows you HOW to trade them. On top of this, you get a meter, which shows the three higher time frames, and shows things like momentum, volume and angle of attack of the move. All this builds up to a very easy tradeable system. HOWEVER, that is not even close to the whole story.

Gemini MACD – which paints visually the divergences as they occur, to help you avoid silly entering at the wrong moment. The Gemini MACD is exceptionally useful on its own! The webinars are where this ‘system’ comes to life. Valdimir goes through what has happened in the last week, looks at market conditions, picks up on the FAQ of the week in the forum, and does little tests on the system, and what the market is telling you and what the geminis are telling you. Valdimir has in no uncertain terms improved me as a trader – i understand why things move, when to stay out, but the most impressive thing, is that he has taught me to be patient.