Forex news impact indicator label

2-dimensionalt billede, der virker 3-dimensionalt, optages vha. Trading strategy ProFX2 is a trend system visually understandable and easy to use, so start trading on it will even novices to learn the rules. In this case better to trade during European or U. GBPUSD – the forex news impact indicator label of the Asian session will be minor and strong movements in this period on the pound almost never happens, so do not trade the Asian session!

The developers recommend only trade in the direction of a larger trend that we observe in the timeframe H4. 30 minutes before and after the release of important news. During this period, the market may be highly unstable, so it is better to be here out of the market! Always install a real Stop Loss at the opening of the trade! Never install a stop-loss above 100 points.