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See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. Hey Wednesday I’m certainly not spreading doom and gloom about ITV or suggesting it’s in danger of collapse. I made the analogy of it being like a tobacco stock desperately trying to reinvest in new areas which it’s doing modestly well actually and I say modestly because they simply can’t substitute the high margin broadcast side for something equally profitable. Facebook simply have the most phenomenal potential to monetise their asset base and keep growing for quite some long time.

ITVs in a short period of time. I myself don’t have a vested interest actually other than to debate the facts and industry trends which fee seem to wish to do. Not currently a shareholder in ITV as I find it’s too cheap to short and too expensive in a relative context to growth elsewhere in the media sector to go long but I’m looking for an opportunity to play it one way or another, perhaps when corporate action starts. My earlier post appears to have been deleted. Anyhow as you pointed out ITV is currently highly cash generative. Plus they are diversifying into production, which companies like Netflix are buying.

There may need to be s change of direction but it appears this is being heeded. Yes it is probably not going to grow, but it will level off and won’t disappear in the medium term at least. You can state ‘opportunity cost’ or ‘growing like a weed’ as often as you like. ITV had been around for decades. Wrt this board it is full of users with a vested interest, of course it is likely to have a positive outlook. In fact this is what ITV is up against on the social media front. Instagram hitting 1bn users now up from 800m in just nine months.

And that’s just before it’s about to launch hour long form video service which I’m guessing – just guessing – is going to negatively affect tv audiences worldwide – unless I guess you think it’s suddenly going to take the Earth longer than 24 hours to rotate around the Sun. I can assure you ITV will never take money back from social media which haas barely even begun to demonstrate its earnings potential. Facebook is shortly about to become the richest man on the planet. Advertisers simply love the value proposition of online advertising. One only has to look at this board to know the in-depth level of information about posters on here voluntarily given away for free. Take TomE for instance we know what car he drives, where he goes for holidays, what socioeconomic group he’s from, we know he likes to pop out for a pint, we know roughly he’s from the south of England and we know he’s got a bit of an anger problem from time to time. But I agree ITV need to join forces with someone with similar predicament and dependency on ad revenue in order to amortise development costs to start streaming their content themselves.