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FSR EA 2018 – The BEST Forex Scalping Robot. Why Forex Scalping is such a good Free forex news trader ea When you use forex scalping as your strategy you can use a very strict risk management strategy.

As you are targeting a small amount of pips you can also set your stoploss very low and therefore risk very little of your equity. Although we are obviously biased we beleave that forex scalping is the best strategy for the currency market especially when programmed into forex robots. You claim this is the best forex robot, got any proof? We claim and truly believe that this is the best forex robot available to retail traders. I have personally lost a lot of money with forex robots and that’s precisely why I started developing my own. What makes FSR the Best Forex Robot?

Well simply put, it works ! I know many robots claim to have this built in but that is simply not true. FSR has many great features that update themselves by analysing the results running on various different accounts with different settings. We have created the best forex scalping robot by using smart exit technology. This has only ever been available on one forex scalping ea before. So how did we come up with the system.