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End-to-end doorstep service through the nearest office. We couldn’t find any offer matching this category. Obtaining a Indiabulls loan against property is simple as the process is quicker and approvals are done faster. With flexible repayments, this loan is preferable and affordable by all.

Loan Against Property is taken to meet the financial needs of an individual using mortgage of property. Home Equity Loans’ as taken against the security of the house you own. The funds obtained from the mortgage can be used to expand your business, pursuing education in foreign universities, funding medical treatments, for consolidating debts etc. Introduction to Indiabulls Loan Against Property Indiabulls, one of the leading private banks in India, offers loans against your residential or commercial property.

Both residential and commercial properties are accepted by the bank as collateral. Repayment Options: The customers can opt for low EMIs and longer tenure or overdraft facility on Indiabulls loan against property. Loan Processing: No hidden charges are levied on processing the loan and all the charges are communicated up front. Customised Loan: One of the major benefits is that self-employed professionals can get their loans customised based on their needs. This is to facilitate better easy repayment and manage their business as well. Prepayment charges: Are levied for outstanding loan amount and it can be done only after six months of taking the loan.

Overdraft Facility: You can avail overdraft facility against property which allows you to use the loan amount up to an approved limit and pay interest only to the amount you have used. Indiabulls Loan Against Property Interest Rate The rate of interest for Indiabulls loan against property ranges between 1. This can significantly reduce the loan burden and monthly outgo on EMIs. The following documents are required to get Indiabulls loan against property along with the application. The repayment is easy as you can get long tenure with small EMIs at attractive interest rates.