Indicatori forex scalping algorithm

Do you want indicatori forex scalping algorithm know the secret of making serious money in Forex Trading right now? Today we will review another indicator for scalping, known in the traders community as Scalper Dream.

In order to prevent confusion, we remind you that this algorithm was originally called PremiumFXScalper by the developers, and its former name became its nickname after a series of successful tests that stuck to it in the future. When the abovementioned indicator became available to the general public, the idea emerged that it is just another siphon off like most of its peers, because scalping is rightly considered the most difficult style of trading in terms of the use of indicators. Scalper Dream to the price changes is faster than the many well-known algorithms, including the well-known classics. Secondly, it is recommended to trade on M1 and M5 timeframes, which certainly is an advantage, as a rare indicator works correctly on the minute charts. There is also a reservation on the timing of trading: actual signals appear after the opening of European markets and come in during the day until the end of the American session, but the Asian session should be ignored.

In terms of settings, this indicator has also surprised, in a good sense of the word, because you need to optimize only the period for work, while all other functions are designed for visual design and simplified position management. Period is the main parameter that determines the speed of the reaction. By the way, the direction of the trend is automatically detected and indicated as a trend direction. Conditions for sale will be diametrically opposite, i. Scalper Dream causes no problems at the accompanying of the positions. As mentioned in the characteristic setting, the algorithm calculates levels to set stop and profit on its own, and offers its own version as an advice to the user.

But most of the transactions are closed under the reversal signals, with no reversal being made. Unfortunately, it is impossible in real-time to evaluate the historical evidence for the trend due to the fact that the code does not provide logging. But the algorithm can always be estimated in the manual tester. As is well known, and many readers know from their own experience, the main enemy of trending strategies is the flat state of the market. Of course, there are systems for pipsing, but this is not true for the strategy discussed above, otherwise what is the module of trend identification provided in the indicator for? Thus, to improve the signal quality and reduce the number of losing trades, you need to add additional condition or indicator to Scalper Dream under the standard technique.