Institutional forex trader tools

M Institutional forex trader tools specializes in the creation and development of institutional forex trading methods. Our turnkey strategies are designed to be implemented seamlessly into any current investment platform. With over 12 years of experience, we have set out to perfect multiple trading techniques specifically for the forex market.

It has been noted that many institutional methods are not only profitable and stable, but also dependent upon large amounts of capital in order to perform correctly. This is where we differ from other firms. Imagine if you could use small or large amounts of capital to obtain the same goal? Consider the idea that risk management can be flexible enough to attract both aggressive and conservative investors. These are only a few of the reasons why the initial account deposits shown in our portfolio are so small.

To prove that our methods can span the reach of any sized institution. Trading with low or high amounts of capital. Simplistic yet robust algorithms for private, commercial or institutional use. Flexibility to trade multiple currency pairs over any number of time frames. Please view our portfolio to see just a small number of case examples. Tell me logically how you trade manually and I’ll give you back an automated trading system.

The charts below are each results of different methods. Pricing for our methods and strategies are given upon request. Simple to learn, use, and very accurate. After many years of development and rigorous testing in a live trading environment, this system has proved itself with traders all around the world. These Indicators are used by traders all over the world to make informed trading decisions every day. Each morning, literally hundreds of traders from all over the US and throughout the world actively participate in these live market trading sessions.

Live trade calls are made on as many as nine futures instruments. In addition, they also function as live support sessions where detailed questions regarding the use of the indicators and Object Trader are answered. It is very rare to see this level of support and training given live every week. Power Meter watches four trends simultaneously and can be pulled from any tick based chart. Simply put, Power Meter is watching the instrument you are trading for great retracement trades in the trend as well as counter trend trades against the trend.

Simple to Use and Easy to Learn! Pm1 and PM2We teach trading with Lightning tools and PM1 and PM2 can automatically get you in the trade when the meter changes directions. You just set the number of contracts, your stop and targets and choose auto or manual and PM will do the rest. E for a short close bar and the trade will be taken automatically on bar close. This Bar Close feature can also be set for full automatic to your max contracts you choose in Object Trader.

Select Wedge and set the way you want the trade to fire and Object Trader does the rest automatically. You can even set up a triangular wedge for breakouts. You choose the stop, targets and the rest is handled by the Wedge. You can even scale in and out as well as use the wedge as your trail stop.