Jak ziskat bitcoin wallet

FAQThe purpose of this FAQ is to give general education and information about Bitcoin. It should not be considered financial advice. The great thing about Bitcoin is that you do not need to understand how it works in order to use jak ziskat bitcoin wallet. If you are interested in diving in a little deeper, this FAQ is for you.

Put very simply it is a new form of money that works extremely well on the Internet. Back to topQ: So it’s a “virtual currency”? Virtual currencies are generally tokens issued by a company for near-exclusive use on their site. Examples include loyalty or gift cards, air miles or mobile phone top-ups. Bitcoin is a general purpose digital currency. Nothing like Bitcoin has ever existed before.

In a similar way that email revolutionised the postal service, Bitcoin can revolutionise financial services. Back to topQ: Is it easy to use? It is much easier than other online payment systems. In many cases you simply click a link and confirm that the transaction is correct. On smartphones people tend to use QR codes because it’s easier.

Back to topQ: What’s a QR code? It’s like a barcode but made up of black and white squares. It stores information in a way that is easy for smartphones to read using their cameras. Back to topQ: You said Bitcoin works well on the Internet – can you give me an example? A great example is the Reddit Change Bot. Back to topQ: So can I send 50 cents to anyone anywhere in the world? Bitcoin works extremely well on the Internet.

The Bitcoin money supply can easily handle a sum of that magnitude. Back to topQ: How much would a transaction like that cost me? Bitcoin fees depend on the size of the data to be stored not the magnitude of the transaction involved. 10 million anywhere in the world!

No kidding – Bitcoin is extremely efficient. Back to topQ: Surely that would make it easy to send money abroad? Currently many services offering international remittances charge the person sending money home to their family significant amounts. With Bitcoin an international remittance is as easy as sending an email. Back to topQ: I notice you’re using “Bitcoin” and “bitcoin” – what’s the difference? The Bitcoin network has a capital “B”, while the tokens that represent value are called bitcoins with a small “b”.

Back to topQ: Does it have its own currency code like USD or EUR? The three-letter code is currently BTC but many believe that it will finally become XBT in the future. The Bitcoin community is currently working with the International Standards Committee to ratify XBT under ISO 4217. Back to topQ: So the Bitcoin community owns it? It is not owned or controlled by any organisation. There is no government or corporation backing it.