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Currencies with a widening yield differential tend to appreciate versus their lower yield counterpart. 1715 in December 2005, nearly 2 months after the US-Eurozone 10-year spread jean louis cussac forex charts out at 0. 6035 record high of mid July, the U. 10-year yield rapidly shrunk the deficit with its Eurozone counterpart from -3.

This level corresponds near the -2. 30 years mortgage treasury will encounter stiff resistance at the 4. There is a 10y 10y and also 2y 2y spread divergence in favor of Gbunds to US. My latest video on BNN discussing Libor spreads. Correction, I was supposed to say the LIBOR SPREAD dropped NOT ROSE. Saka, I need interns to help me udate the yields chart. One simple way to make that spread visible at least in relative terms is to try bloomberg.

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21-yr Intermarket Charts – 7 indices 11 currencies 14 commodities Interactive charting by instrument, chronological and alphabetical order. Ahead of the ECB EURUSD posts its biggest weekly gain in five months despite ongoing uncertainty in Italy and fresh declines in Italian bonds and equity indices. Have you purchased a cryptocurrency over the past 5 years? SUEZ : No ark in sight City takes legal action after 15 water main b. SUEZ : South County boil-water advisory will continue at least throu. July 23–A boil water advisory has been issued for 13 Suez customers after a water main break and sinkhole occurred on South Market Street in Upper Allen Township Monday morning. The customers affected live between Mumma Avenue and George Circle, said Robert Manbeck, Suez spokesman.

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