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Finally, Doug Seegers has a brand new album coming up. Nashville in January jen weizmann forex will be released in Scandinavia late May.

Check this web page for information on release dates outside Scandinavia. Doug Seegers has a back story you couldn’t make up. A New Yorker who drifted to Nashville when hard times hit he was homeless for a while, recorded some songs one of which went viral in Sweden. This led to a recording contract and an opportunity to have Emmylou Harris appear on his debut album which has been universally praised. The 63-year-old singer-songwriter moved to Nashville 17 years ago to pursue a career in music.

But things went south, and he found himself living out on the streets, fighting the demons of alcohol and drug addiction. All the while, he was writing songs about his life and experiences. Eighteen months ago, Doug Seegers was living under a bridge in Nashville. Recently laid off from a job, he found himself homeless once again, as he had been on and off throughout his life.

A singer-songwriter who’d moved to the country capital to chase his music dreams, Seegers, 62, often spent his days playing his songs on the streets. The story behind Doug Seegers path to success is inspirational, unbelievable, motivating and many many more words that we just don’t have space for. When he was discovered he was homeless and busking around Nashville. Going Down To The River they knew they had to sign him. Doug Seegers might have been thinking about the twists and turns that brought him here.

Just over a year ago, Seegers was homeless, struggling and playing on the streets of Nashville. Then he was discovered by Swedish filmmaker Jill Johnson and released a song from a resulting documentary that became a best-selling record in Sweden. On one side of a high wooden fence on Lafayette Street sits the Nashville Rescue Mission, temporary shelter to hundreds of homeless men, women and children. On the other is City Winery Nashville, the sleek, expansive new wine-bar-cum-listening-room. It’s an upscale club where patrons enjoy top-dollar entertainment with drinks, dinner and niceties like valet parking.