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The alarm should occur not after each new box but first after color change. Sergey I recently read your butterfly butterfly shape thread, encountered some problems: 1. I tried to find, found that some of the links failed elliott wave renko rotkohl als kongorot als indikator forex forex forex find less than 2. I know you have 9 scalp templates, I need them 3.

At the end of Feb 2017  I collected data from a website about traders working on 3 pairs and you can see the real facts how many peoples are winners! The main reason peoples loosing using high leverage. See image below, also find attached image for larger preview. Based on the analysis of millions of historical data, we created a mathematical model that can capture market movement and identify the current start of a trend.

Why is Purple Strike indicator unique? Purple Strike indicator to download HERE! Launching the indicator is very simple:Turn on your Purple Trading MT4 platform. Quit and relaunch the Purple Trading MT4 trading platform. Purple Strike Indicator is now ready to use. Möchtest Du Geld im Market verdienen? Laguerre Envelopes is a well-known indicator with the lines based on the algorithm of the Moving Average Laguerre.

This shortens delay time and reduces the noise. The greater the amount, the greater the smoothing. There are a lot of advantages when trading with support and resistance lines, and they should be a staple in every trader’s arsenal. Another effective method of deriving multiple horizontal based support and resistance lines is using a formula derived from yesterday’s High, Low and Close bar. The indicator detects and displays the 5-0 harmonic pattern on the chart according to the scheme provided in the screenshot. After detecting the pattern, the indicator notifies of that by the pop-up window, a mobile notification and an email. The indicator finds candlestick patterns based on Gregory L.