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Puffy, the makefile unix bitcoin wiki mascot of OpenBSD posing in the official logo. The project is known for its developers’ insistence on open-source code, good documentation, code correctness, ongoing code audits, and security.

De Raadt coordinates the project from his home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Its logo and mascot is a pufferfish named Puffy. Bar chart showing the proportion of users of each BSD variant from a 2005 BSD usage survey. In December 1994, NetBSD co-founder Theo de Raadt was asked to resign from his position as a senior developer and member of the NetBSD core team. The reason for this is not wholly clear, although there are claims that it was due to personality clashes within the NetBSD project and on its mailing lists. In October 1995, de Raadt founded OpenBSD, a new project forked from NetBSD 1. 2, was made in July 1996, followed by OpenBSD 2.

0 in October of the same year. Since then, the project has followed a schedule of a release every six months, each of which is supported for one year. On 25 July 2007, OpenBSD developer Bob Beck announced the formation of the OpenBSD Foundation, a Canadian non-profit organization formed to “act as a single point of contact for persons and organizations requiring a legal entity to deal with when they wish to support OpenBSD. Just how widely OpenBSD is used is hard to determine as its developers do not publish or collect usage statistics. In September 2005, the BSD Certification Group performed a usage survey which revealed that 32. OpenBSD ships with the X Window System and is suitable for use on the desktop. Linux administrator Carlos Fenollosa commented on moving from Linux to OpenBSD, that the system is faithful to the Unix ideal of many small simple tools that work well: “Because of that, some base components are not as feature-rich, on purpose.