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In 2013, Spanos founded Bitcoin Center NYC — the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency trading floor, which initially opened directly across from the NYSE in 2013. Nick spanos bitcoin news stubborn defiance of skeptics, digital currencies and blockchain only come back stronger. Writing as the founder of the world’s first-ever bitcoin trading floor, let me tell you: while this roller coaster isn’t for the faint-hearted, it isn’t as bad as they say.

Can blockchain technology help secure Pakistan’s elections? Comparing headlines between Western societies and Pakistan’s still-emerging democracy reveals a common, existential problem: neither seems to hold elections that consistently win the people’s trust in the integrity of the vote. Setting aside the hype around bit coin and crypto currency, we believe that blockchain — the revolutionary new technology underlying most digital currencies — will finally help solve these shortcomings. Can Blockchain Fix America’s Voting System? He says not everyone is a computer whiz who will be reassured by a mobile app on a tablet or phone. In a real estate office, many people have disagreements because of informal oral agreements that are subject to people’s sometimes-selective memory.

However, if their wallet is in the smart contract tied to the deal, it is fixed and immutable. You’re either in or you’re not. The CEO and co-founder of Zap. Nick Spanos, has claimed that Bitcoin will recover despite its current bearish movements, but governments won’t have an easy ride. Spanos is a pioneer in the Bitcoin and blockchain technology space. If we don’t free ourselves with the blockchain, they’re going to imprison us with the blockchain.

One of the early movers in the cryptocurrency space is Nick Spanos. Spanos has evangelized for Bitcoin and other blockchain projects for years. Nick Spanos, founder of the famous New York Bitcoin Center, is now working on a project called Zap. This platform is a blockchain-based ecosystem for selling data — pretty much any data, according to Spanos in an interview with Bitsonline.

The world’s first serialized documentary on blockchain technology, ” Next: Blockchain ,” has launched with its first episode on multiple streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime . It is one of the only video productions to take a deep dive into the world of blockchain technology and those behind its progress. You probably know Nick Spanos as the founder of the Bitcoin Center in New York City, a space next door to the New York Stock Exchange where people could buy and sell bitcoin in person. Now, Spanos is working on his next project — and he doesn’t believe blockchain entrepreneurs need government permission to change the world. World Government Summit in Dubai in February.