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Jump to navigation Jump to search This is a list of all airline codes. IATA code indicates a controlled duplicate. Demurrage: This charge will be levied when the Customer holds CMA CGM equipment inside the terminal for longer than the agreed free days and is applicable to all containers that remain at the terminal longer than the agreed free time. Merchant must bear customs clearance and is responsible of customs clearance.

What is DAP terms in shipping? DAP terms of shipping has been introduced in 2010. Before 2010,  DDU had been used almost similar to the functions of DAP. However, DDU is used even now among some traders. The terms DAP can be used in any mode of transport. When does the risk passes from seller to buyer under DAP terms? Under DAP terms, the risks passes from seller to buyer from the point of destination mentioned in the contract of delivery by seller.

Once goods are ready for shipment, the necessary packing is done by seller at his on cost, so as to reach the material up to final destination safely. The materials are moved to customs location opted by seller at exporting country at  his own expenses under DAP. All necessary legal formalities in exporting country is completed by seller at his own costs and risks to move the goods to destination mentioned in DAP. Once after arrival of goods at destination mentioned in DAP terms, the customs clearance at importing country needs to be completed by the buyer at his own cost and risk. Transportation from the point of destination mentioned in DAP terms to final destination of buyer, need to be undertaken by seller at his own cost and risks.