Stop loss and take profit forex signal

THIS Is Not a Fancy Sales Page ! ProSLTP is stop loss and take profit forex signal Great Tool for Any Trader. Disable features for each order individually. Use it in Backtest Mode and test and train most of your systems right away.

It comes in 2 versions: Standard and Backtest. Just Download Below and apply it to Your chart. No need to wait for active markets to test your strategy. For this version you need a license which you can buy below. Check the next Video for more details about this version. Where do I download this great EAs?

You can download below a 14-day trial for Standard Version and buy it later if you like it. All Features work only when markets are active. All Features work only in Backtest Mode. You get both versions at discounted price. Feel free to leave your feedback below as well as share with us how your trading experience changed by using our GREAT tool ProSLTP. The checkout page does not seem to be working for me.

Looks like a great tool,can I use it on MT5? Can I use the prosltp on multiple pairs at once? If I purchase ProSLTP do I get a free upgrade to the next version when it is released? I normally trade with 3 TP. EA instead of changing them throughout the day as TPs get reached? I am interested in ProSLTP and the back tester. I have 3 computers desk top, lap top, and a work computer can i install these products on all three computers?

I’ve tried 2 times to get free trial of ProSLTP but i didn’t recive anything. Just screen with confirmation of register and nothing comes into my email. Hi, we just sent you an email. How can I get the SL to trail immediately? If price goes up one pip above entry, I want my SL to simply go up one pip.