Teknik forex sebenar video

Someone posted an advertisement of a forex system on my blog. So I just go and buy teknik forex sebenar video to see what the guy is trying to say. After all it wont be fair to him if I just comment on his system without knowing about it.

After paying for it, I was given a URL where I can download his files. The files consist of ebook, video files and template of his system. Everything is password lock with a very clear warning not to share his work. I believe the reason is more towards monetary gains rather than genuine invention. The system claims to be a day trader system with high accuracy entry position. It needed only 50 pip stop loss on a H4 entry.

It has the ability to gain more than 100 pip on each trade. It uses 3 different indicator on 3 different time frame. The indicator are readily available, Candle Stick pattern on weekly, Support and Resistance on daily and Fibonacci retracement on H4. There is also a template given. When I loaded it, it gives me a blank candlestick with no other indicators. There are 2 other trading method included which is gap trading and CS inside bar.