Toomim bitcoin mining

From that point, 4 additional weeks must pass until the maximum blocksize is raised to 2MB for Classic. XT, 2 weeks must pass for the maximum blocksize to be increased toomim bitcoin mining 8MB. To mine BIP101 blocks, toomim bitcoin mining your mining hardware to one of the pools below.

This is one of the most important ways to contribute, as mined blocks are where the votes are counted for bigger blocks. Merged Mining with: NMC, IXC, UNO. Use your bitcoin address as your username. To have your pool listed here, you must be actively running BIP101 compatible software such as Bitcoin XT.

To have your pool added to this list, contact user hellobitcoinworld on Reddit with all applicable information above. P2POOL IMPORTANT NOTE: P2Pool must be configured properly to create version BIP101 blocks. Click here to see how to set this up. P2Pool creates version 3 blocks by default. Please ensure you have it set up correctly before submitting.